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Nov. 19th, 2009 | 03:32 am

someone did a very small but nice thing for nick tonight. after working at this catering event, he went to the bar with his friends and then tried to leave. when he was leaving the bar, i got a horrible feeling that he shouldn't be driving. he stopped by a walgreen's for cigarettes and the clerk was really concerned for him because he was extremely intoxicated. i don't know if she called the police or the cop just happened to stop by, but they called a cab for him.

i called the clerk to thank her and she said she was just going to have him help her stock shelves and then let him leave in a couple hours but the cop came and had him leave in a cab. what a sweetheart. if a drunk 21 year cold came into my hotel to get a room at 3 a.m., i would send them packing, not really caring what happened to them when they left. but she was concerned for his safety and that was really kind of her.

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