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Nov. 29th, 2009 | 08:47 am

i am hating my job today. i want to leave so bad. everyone is pissing me off.

this douche named quinn couldn't make it to his overnight shift last tuesday so, he called me at 1pm when i had just worked an overnight that night and he knew i was sleeping. i told him that when i woke up, i would figure out what my day was going to be like, and if i could work for him, i would call him and let him know. he harassed me 2 more times until i woke up. just for being an ass, i didn't answer.

that day ended up being a busy one with me helping my aunt (her husband left her and she needed to most ASAP) all day long. meanwhile, this ass is BLOWING UP MY PHONE. i just never answered. i told him, that if i could work, i'd call. i didn't call because i couldn't work for him.

so, i get to work today... 7am. he is here. "ms. ilona, i was expecting your call on tuesday." FUCK YOU. i straight up said "i remember saying i'd call you if i could work, and i couldn't work, so i didn't call." and he goes "mmm-hmm."

fuck you. i hate everyone here.

now for housekeeping bitch...

her: "hey, is that wedding party checking out today?"
me: "what are their names or room numbers?"
her: "i don't know."
me: "i haven't worked in two days. i don't know either."
her: "they're on the third floor."


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